Imagine getting up in the morning at 5 am with a migraine headache and feeling very tired, as if sleeping was a task! I can say with certain, that I have taken most advanced pills for my migraine headaches, but to me it was just candy! No affect on me! In fact, I suffered from side affects like a highly sensitive throat and dizziness.

Lucky for me, one Thursday evening I was referred to Sajeeda Kanji. She has a very pleasant and comforting personality. She is sincere, empathetic and genuinely cares about her clients. She listens carefully and has a wealth of knowledge. I was so impressed by the way she presented the Holistic Nutrition approach to heal and manage pain with no side affects or prescription drugs.

Our first meeting was a lengthy one. She prepared for me a long report, detailing my symptoms and root causes. She provided me with list of supplements that I needed to take. At last it wasn't the prescription medicine from the pharmacy with side affects! I knew then that I was going to have her as my nutritionist.

I followed her advice, and after a short three months of being under her guidance my 2 heavy migraine attacks per week reduced significantly to 1 in two months! I am not kidding! I didn't have call in sick at work anymore!

I was so happy to wake up in a better mood, have lots of energy and feel more rested. Along the line,
she showed me how to balance my PH, and follow a detox plan that has had a very positive affect on my digestion.

I am so thankful to her, that I finally can enjoy my weekends free of migraine headaches! I will continue to have her as my nutritionist. She has earned my respect. Thank you Sajeeda!

— Gary

Sajeeda is an excellent Nutritionist. She was able to assist me and create a program that was simple to follow and it really worked. I would highly recommend her services.

— Daniyal L  

I have never been able to lose weight until I met Sajeeda. She is a great motivator, knowledgeable, friendly, always has a smile and something nice to say to me. With her guidance and support, I was able to successfully follow through with the plan. Now I feel REALLY good, fresh and energetic. I have lost almost 30 pounds and I feel so much better.

— Sandy

“I had tried everything to lose weight. Literally everything! But in the end the yo-yo effect always kicked in and I was really frustrated.
Due to the structure and the supervision. Suddenly everything became easy. I lost 35 kg really quickly and from that moment on, I became more confident. First, I looked for a better job and then I moved in with my boyfriend.”

— Jennifer R

“I lost 16 pounds in the first 2 weeks on the Metabolic Balance Program and have regained my energy”


“After 3 months on the Metabolic Balance Program I was off all of my insulin and had lost 22 pounds. My diabetes is finally under control”